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Just a reminder all Heiser stores are running unbelievable tire offers right now, including up to $140 in savings at Ford/Lincoln on select tires (when paid for with the Ford Service Credit Card), a Buy 3 get the 4th for only $1 at the Toyota store, and savings up to $100 on a set of four tires at the Chevy stores! Vehicle owners were recently updated on the recommendation from manufacturers to replace tires, even unused tires , after six years , regardless of tread wear. Research has determined tires degrade over a period of time due to factors like weather, storage conditions, and type of use. Heiser wants to remind motorists that by keeping a vigilant eye on the condition of their tires, they can help ensure safety on the roads and better performance from their vehicle. Heat or frequent high load conditions can accelerate a tire’s aging process. Signs of aging include cracking of the tread and sidewall rubber. As not all signs of tire aging are visible, we recommend all tires,