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Heiser Chevrolet Honored as “Business of the Year” Recognized as an outstanding leader in the community West Allis, WI, April, 2015 - Heiser Chevrolet was honored by the West Allis West Milwaukee (WAWM) Chamber of Commerce last week as the “ Business of the Year ” for 2014.  The award was accepted by General Manager, Brian Crandall, at the Annual Award Reception .  It recognizes the important ways local business adds to the lives of citizens in the community. Nominations for Business of the Year are considered across a number of criteria, including longevity, growth in employment and contributions toward community-oriented projects.  Heiser Chevrolet was nominated by Shelly Strasser of the WAWM Recreation Department specifically for partnering with the department in the Chevy Youth Baseball Program.  Heiser’s involvement helped purchase equipment for youngsters who could not afford to play the sport otherwise. “We are thrilled to receive this recognition from the Chamb