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Toyota Time Sales Event at Heiser Toyota in Milwaukee


Heiser Ford Lincoln in Glendale has Incredible Lease Deals!

The Latest Developments in Autonomous Driving
Earlier this year Ford Motor Company announced that it is partnering with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University, to research the technical challenges surrounding the future of autonomous driving. The teams will use Ford’s recently unveiled Fusion Hybrid research vehicle, which utilizes four Lidar sensors to generate a real-time 3D map of the vehicle’s surroundings. The aim of the research is to develop a system which gives the vehicle a human level of intuition when it comes to assessing and adapting to visual clues in its immediate environment.

The research team at MIT will focus on developing sophisticated algorithms for systems which can predict the actions of other cars and pedestrians around the vehicle, so that it can navigate a safe path around any potential risks. While the researchers at Stanford will focus on sensors which can ‘see around’ obstructions, to assist with driving maneuvers and impro…
Did you read the good news about the Chevrolet Impala being named the "Best Large Car" by Consumer Reports?  This was quite an accomplishment from a Detroit automaker!  And, Heiser is proud to carry the Impala model at both our Chevrolet locations, in West Allis and West Bend!

"This car is a really impressive vehicle and came such a huge way from where it was in redesign---it was really incredible," Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports' director of automotive testing, said in an interview.  GM vehicles "are showing stronger reliability, are more fun to drive and display technological advances that traditionally would have first appeared in import-brand cars."  The magazine's annual car issue went on sale this spring.

GM has made a priority of reinvigorating the brand and attracting younger buyers.  Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book's, said the results showed GM continues its forward momentum.  "The automaker has improved ev…