A lot can happen in five years. Right now, that may seem like a long way off. But take comfort in knowing that a Toyota bought from Heiser today will mostly likely still be on the road in 5 years, with minimal cost to you!
That’s according to Kelley Blue Book, which recently released its 5-Year Cost to Own Awards. Not surprisingly, Toyota did pretty well:
Kelley Blue Book compiled their awards by considering financing, insurance and state fees, along with fuel, maintenance and repair costs. Then for good measure they took into account projected depreciation.
Or, as Kelley Blue Book puts it: “if you choose a 5-Year Cost-to-Own Award winner you can be confident your costs for transportation will be among the lowest for vehicles of that type.”
So, come see Heiser Toyota today, knowing you'll feel good about it tomorrow...and in 5 years!


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