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A lot can happen in five years.  Right now, that may seem like a long way off. But take comfort in knowing that a Toyota bought from Heiser today will mostly likely still be on the road in 5 years, with minimal cost to you! That’s according to Kelley Blue Book, which recently released its 5-Year Cost to Own Awards . Not surprisingly, Toyota did pretty well: Hybrid SUV/Crossover – Highlander Hybrid, $51,337 Cost to own over five years Hybrid/Alternative Energy Car – Prius c, $34,780 Compact Car – Corolla, $30,416 Kelley Blue Book compiled their awards by considering financing, insurance and state fees, along with fuel, maintenance and repair costs. Then for good measure they took into account projected depreciation. Or, as Kelley Blue Book puts it: “ if you choose a 5-Year Cost-to-Own Award winner you can be confident your costs for transportation will be among the lowest for vehicles of that type .” So, come see Heiser Toyota today, knowing
Wondering when to make that move into a new vehicle?  Well, Heiser Chevrolet’s announcing an AUTO SHOW BONUS of $500 on a Cruze, Malibu, Equinox or Silverado!   And, that’s ON TOP of all the rebates.  So take this once-a-year opportunity to save more , and choose from nearly 300  Auto Show Bonus models at Heiser.  But, hurry as this is a limited-time incentive! Or, use your Auto Show Bonus to make an even sweeter deal on a Chevy lease:  Like a 2015 Cruze for $139 a month for 36 months!  Did you realize the Cruze was the #1 seller in it's segment last year in Wisconsin?       Or, lease a 2015 Silverado for just  $239  a month, over three years!   Chevy Silverado beat Ford F-150 last year to become the #1 selling truck in Wisconsin!!   Why not consider joining your neighbors and Find New Roads!  Remember extra savings from Auto Show Bonus happens for a limited time---so hurry to Heiser Chevrolet in West Allis or West Bend today! * Bonus from stock through GM.  Re

Heiser Wants You!

Looking to take charge of your future?  If you have a passion for superior customer service, Heiser wants to talk to you!  We’re looking for confident, friendly sales professionals and offering an opening that provides all the tools you need to build that strong path to success.   Remember, Heiser is an equal opportunity employer and operates with an “ Anything’s Possible ” attitude.  So, if you’re driven to exceed sales goals—you’ll fit right in!  We’ll introduce you to our unique process, where you’ll be well-compensated for your time and efforts.   This isn’t just the typical sales job—you’ll work with a salary plus a lighter retail schedule.  And, Heiser offers insurance, paid vacations, a 401K with match and the real potential of making at least fifty thousand dollars your first year!   So, what are you waiting for?  Visit our careers page at Heiser dot com today, and take that first step to achieving all your dreams!