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In the past few years, the very best safety advancements have taken place in cars. Our roads are safer today than ever. And, technologies once electronic stability control, lane departure warnings, and rear view cameras...are becoming standard. As a result, the crash death rate has fallen by almost half since 1975, when the Department of Transportation began keeping detailed records. In fact, in a recent report, NHTSA estimated safety improvements have prevented crashes of 700,000 vehicles, mitigated the injuries of 1 million occupants and saved 2,000 lives. As a dealer, I’m proud to put families in incredibly safe vehicles, and I’m grateful that if anything should go wrong, our stores will be equipped to fix the problem. Situations like the current recall serve as a reminder of just how important your local dealership is to road safety. Without dealers to execute recalls, service vehicles, and keep drivers informed, our roads would simply not be as safe. So t