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Heiser Toyota Mobile App Now Available

Now available, the Heiser Toyota mobile app offers vehicle management tools to iPhone and Android phone users. It allows customers to not only track their maintenance, but earn loyalty points for servicing their vehicles at Heiser Toyota. Those loyalty points are then redeemed for future service appointment savings. In the Heiser Toyota Customer Loyalty Program, customers receive 1pt for every $1 they spend in the Heiser Toyota service department. When the customer reaches 300pts, they will receive a $10 off service certificate in the mail from Heiser Toyota. There is no need to worry about keeping track of the points or a loyalty card. The points are automatically added to their account on their mobile app. Other app features include the ability to schedule service appointments, track their vehicle’s service history and receive sales, service and recall notices direct to their mobile device. The Heiser Toyota mobile app even helps customers find the best gas prices in