Heiser Lincoln Takes The Wheel For Holy Family Parish School

+Heiser Lincoln  will be proving ‘Anything’s Possible’ by holding a fundraising event at Holy Family Parish School in Whitefish Bay on Saturday, April 26. This marks the first in a long line of planned charity events in 2014 for the Glendale auto dealership.

The “Driven to Give” program was developed as an engaging way to help schools and non-for-profit organizations raise money to support their activities. Heiser Lincoln will partnered with Holy Family Parish School to conduct a Lincoln vehicle test-drive event from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in April.  For every valid test-drive completed, Lincoln Motor Company will donate $20 to the school, up to $6,000!  Plus, event-goers who test-drive the 2014 Lincoln MKX will have an extra opportunity to raise funds. The day offers an easy way for supporters to help the school, especially those already in the market for a new Lincoln vehicle.

Chris Meyer, General Manager of Heiser Lincoln, so believes in the “Driven to Give”  program, he hosts several events in the community each year. “Heiser has held these events in the past with great success and we’re thrilled to be participating again” stated Meyer. “The Lincoln Motor Company has developed a great program. They, like Heiser are dedicated to promoting goodwill within the community.”

Those interested in joining Heiser Lincoln in support of Holy Family Parish School can take a test drive a at 4825 North Wildwood in Whitefish Bay on Saturday, April 26th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

About Holy Family Parish School:

Holy Family Parish School is dedicated to academic excellence as well as building a strong faith foundation in their students. Their students are dedicated to their commitment to the community, putting their faith and values into action. 


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