Heiser's Quick Motors & Quick Lane January Newsletter

A Special Newsletter Message from Heiser Family Owner Mary Ann. 

As the year begins, the Heiser’s Quick Motors is excited to launch their new Newsletter. In it you will find monthly service tips, the latest automotive news, and exclusive Heiser’s Quick Motors, Quick Lane, and 76th Body Shop discounts.

In addition, a big ‘Thank-you” to our customers for choosing Heiser for their automotive sales and service needs. We strive to make excellent service our top priority.  And, we’re happy when we’re able to deliver the promise of “Anything’s Possible” to area shoppers.

We’ll continue with the pledge to “grow with the community” in 2014. Last year, Heiser successfully partnered with local charities, like Rawhide, Autism Speaks, and neighborhood schools/sports teams to offer a hand.  Understanding the value of volunteerism and meeting the financial needs of outreach groups’ efforts underscores everything we do at the dealership.

2014 marks our 97th year serving Milwaukee!  You’ll find Heiser continues to carry the selection, pricing and service Milwaukee expects.  But, with the goal of making the whole process easier, look for some new shopping tools to be introduced to enhance your Heiser experience.

Heiser’s Quick Lane Service Tip: How to change a flat tire

With Wisconsin’s unseasonably cold “polar vortex” temperatures it is important to keep your vehicle in top shape.  A flat tire is one of the biggest inconveniences you can experience on the road.  Consult your owner's guide for details specific to your car or truck, such as the location of the spare and jack kit. And, be aware of your surroundings if unexpectedly stopped. Do not hesitate to call the local police for help if you feel unsafe.

Step by step guide to changing a flat tire:

  1. Remove the spare tire and jack from your vehicle. Check the inflation level of your spare - if its pressure is too low, you'll either need to find a place where you can inflate it or call a tow truck.
  2. Your jack kit should include a tire iron for removing the lug nuts. Use it to loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire, but don't remove them yet. If you need to use a lot of force to get them loose, you don't ever want to do it while the vehicle is already jacked up.
  3. Block the other tires to make sure the vehicle doesn't roll.
  4. Raise the corner with the flat tire high enough off the ground to put the spare tire on. You should avoid raising the vehicle any higher than you need to.
  5. Finish removing the lug nuts from the flat tire and pull it off. 
  6. Put the spare tire on the vehicle.
  7. Replace the lug nuts, but don't tighten them yet.
  8. Lower the vehicle by turning the jack in reverse.
  9. Tighten the lug nuts. Repeat this process until each lug nut is securely in place. 
  10. Stop by Heiser’s Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center for a replacement tire as soon as you can. If you have to use highways to get there, keep your vehicle under 55 mph and use your hazard lights. Most spare tires are not designed to handle high speeds for long periods of time.

Winter Feature: Choosing the right body shop, Heiser’s 76th Street Body Shop

Choosing an Auto Body Shop isn’t easy. Many times, the decision comes when you are emotional or reeling from a recent accident. Outstanding quality of work can guide you.  But, how do you know ahead of time where to find it?  Heiser’s two convenient Auto Body Shops are an extension of our dealerships, offering “Anything’s Possible” service to automotive consumers in need.

After a collision, making the wrong decision when choosing an auto body shop can add to an already stressful situation. By choosing Heiser you know you’re getting a reputable company to get you back on the road quickly.  Plus, there’s the assurance of our highly-skilled technicians, state-of-art technology, and manufacturer information that tells you your vehicle can look and drive the way it did before the accident.

The Heiser Auto Body facilities sport a high customer satisfaction index rating. They handle everything from the estimate to follow-up paperwork with ease.   A guaranteed repair comes along with special transportation and loaner assistance.  And, their technicians are able to work on all vehicle brands and models.  As a result Heiser’s Auto Body Shops are preferred vendors for the top insurance companies.

Heiser’s 76th Street Body Shop is a premier destination for your repairs in the wake of an accident. For more information on available services and getting a quick estimate, call Heiser directly at (414) 357-2121 or visit them just north of Good Hope Rd. in Milwaukee.

Heiser’s Quick Motors Unique Ability: NeedCarCredit.com

Heiser’s Quick Motors offers a special service via needcarcredit.com.  With help for individuals who want to buy a new or used vehicle, there’s no hesitating due to bad credit, bankruptcy, or other sorts of financial problems. NeedCarCredit.com can assist everyone in getting the car loan they need and deserve.  By working with a network of lenders, Heiser’s Quick Motors has gotten thousands of people back on the road in the car they’ve always dreamed of owning.

How can Needcarcredit.com help you? 
The application is the first step, and easy to complete.  You’ll find it on Needcarcredit.com.  Your information will be handled quickly by professional experts trained in securing auto loans for the toughest of situations. Heiser’s Quick Motors’ 100% Guaranteed Credit follows 3 Easy Steps: you give us your information via the application; we give you a personalized loan quote; then, you select your next vehicle.

Needcarcredit.com is designed to make the car buying experience easier. No matter your credit history, you’ll find attractive rate offers. If you’ve been told you cannot get credit for a car purchase, or if bad credit has already caused you difficulties, we urge you to give Needcarcredit.com a try.

How we get you a Used Car, even with Bad Credit:
Low credit scores mean higher risk to lenders and make getting an auto loan difficult.  Many will charge higher costs to high-risk borrowers in order to process their loans. You may have experienced this because of problems with late payments, a job loss, or a divorce. But, getting your auto loan through Needcarcredit.com can put you on the path to improving your credit…today!  Working with over 50 lenders reveals the best financing available for our customers. We recommend the right loan product for your individual situation. With a history of arranging over $1,000,000.00 in car loans, Needcarcredit.com has become the “go to” source for many credit-challenged buyers. Apply today with our free and secure online application.


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