Heiser’s Cold Weather Car Safety Tips for Milwaukee

Arctic weather has hit Southeastern Wisconsin. Cold temperatures and brisk winds may result in wind chills plunging to 35 - 55 degrees below zero today. At Heiser, your wellbeing is of the utmost importance.  Thus, we have put together some safety guidelines to help you remain safe during extreme cold weather:
  • Minimize the time spent outdoors. If you do go outside, let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.
  • Wear appropriate outdoor clothing and dress in layers. Ensure that exposed skin is covered, including your fingers, nose, and ears.
  • Be aware of the symptoms of frostbite and hypothermia. Frostbite can occur within minutes when unprotected skin is exposed to very cold temperatures, causing the affected area to appear white or grayish-yellow in color and feel firm or waxy. Hypothermia is life-threatening, and occurs when the body temperature drops too low, causing shivering, drowsiness, clumsiness and confusion. Both require immediate medical treatment.
  • Do not touch metal surfaces with uncovered hands. Flesh can freeze instantly to a surface.
  • Heat your home with devices approved for indoor use, and ensure they are properly vented to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning or fires. Never use wood-burning or coal-burning grills, camp stoves, or other outdoor devices indoors.
  • Keep pets safe by bringing them inside and ensuring trips outside are brief.
  • During cold weather, check on family members and neighbors who may be at risk for illness or injuries, especially young children, the elderly, and those with certain medical conditions.

If you do have to travel somewhere in these temperatures remember to plan ahead; think three “C’s” 1) Cars, 2) Clothing, 3) Cell phone.  Everyone going outdoors needs to wear clothing designed for extreme cold weather conditions, especially if you have children traveling with you. You may not feel the damage due to skin exposure or hypothermia until it is too late. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before leaving home so you can handle the numerous calls you may need to make if you become stranded. It is important to have jumper cables in your car too. Cars do not always work well mechanically in these severe temperatures and may quit on you unexpectedly. Also, have an emergency kit in your vehicle to help survive if your car becomes disabled. Include blankets, extra clothing (fleece hats, gloves, scarves), folding shovel, candles, waterproof matches, flashlight with batteries, hand warmer packets, water bottles and nutritious snack bars and nuts. Most importantly, prepare ahead of any travel by keeping your gas tank full and have the vehicle’s fluid levels checked. Having a full gas tank and proper fluid levels greatly decreases the chances of having engine issues in severe cold weather conditions. 

If your car develops engine service needs, Heiser’s five convenient Southeastern Wisconsin locations are here to help. Our dedicated Customer Service Representatives can be reached at (414) 577-1601 to schedule your service appointment. If you are in need of a tow to our facilities, our friends at N & S towing are available at 414-476-8697.

Stay safe Wisconsin!

WARMEST regards,

Mary Ann Scaffidi


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