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Heiser Chevrolet Monthly Newsletter, (414) 327-2300

Quinn Mihalski, a Man for All Season at Heiser Chevrolet! One of the things that make a company a great place to visit is its people.   +Heiser Chevrolet   is thrilled to have a Service Manager that goes above and beyond expectations.   Quinn Mihalski earns respect by exhibiting a passion for what he does, day in and day out, no matter the season.   A recent online reviewer noted: We brought in our 2010 Equinox for a major repair that happened just after the extended warranty expired. The Service Manager Quinn Mihalski contacted GM for us and negotiated a reduced price for the work that needed to be done, and got the part installed the same day!   Quinn was very accommodating and friendly.   Now, I’m confident my vehicle is always going to be maintained well when I have it serviced at Heiser. Thank you for being so understanding Quinn! Since Quinn joined the Heiser family (eleven years ago), he has held almost every customer service role, from Advisor to Body Shop to Manag