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Heiser Toyota’s Altaf Hussain is the all-around sales professional

As the February valentine’s season begins, we are excited to share some “love” for a sales consultant that has shown a true passion for the automotive industry.   This month, we recognize Altaf Hussain, for his dedication to +Heiser Toyota . Al joined the Heiser family over 15 years ago and has become a seasoned leader of our dealership sales team. Al’s success is drawn from his dedication to his customers, giving “110%”. His mission is to make sure customers get the best out of their purchase experience. He’s the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave late at night. Al is simply always available. In a business involving long hours already, that’s dedication! Many of Al’s customers and colleagues comment on his passion for the brand. Al believes so much in Toyota that he’s been dubbed “The Toyota Professional”. He’ll be the first to brag about his own Camry, with over 88,000 miles and “many great years of life yet to go”.   He can provide his