Strong values From Heiser Ford Lincoln Sales Consultant, Jay Oberst!

Jay Oberst of Heiser Ford Lincoln
As summer begins, Heiser Ford Lincoln +Heiser Ford Lincoln is excited to heat things up with our new Heiser Ford Lincoln Employee Feature.  From our top management through our entire Heiser family, we truly believe “Anything’s Possible.” We hope our customers feel the same, from the time they find us online until they walk onto our showroom floor.

Heiser Ford Lincoln has trained a professional staff of dealership employees. This month, we recognize Jay Oberst, as one our finest.  Since he joined Heiser, Jay has risen to become one of our leading sales consultants.

In a recent review, a happy customer stated:
“Jay Oberst handled my transaction from start to finish and he was, in one word -- spectacular. He also put me at ease regarding my financial situation, which was very important to me. He was very attentive to my needs and kept me informed throughout the financial approval process. Afterward, he very appropriately followed up with an email and a phone call to see if I had any questions about my new car. I want you to know what a great employee you have in Jay Oberst. When it is time for me to get a new vehicle, I will go back to Jay, no question! I also will highly recommend him to anyone I knew who is looking for a new car.”

Perhaps Jay’s success is drawn from his strong values. His mission is to treat every customer with the utmost respect, providing the tools they need to make the right decision, within the time they need. When Jay’s customers leave, it’s with a smile on their face, a vehicle they love and an experience they would recommend to others.

Clients often comment on Jay’s strong work ethic.  He quickly puts those around him at ease, by demonstrating his focus and hard-working attitude. Jay makes sure he communicates clearly and builds confidence in the job he is doing.  It’s also important that his customers have “fun” buying a car.

Jay has an active life outside of the Heiser Ford Lincoln sales department.  He loves the playing pool and hiking outdoors.  In fact, prior to Heiser he was a semi-pro billiard player! As a family man, he spends as much time as he can with his wife and daughter.

To find out more about Jay, please email him at


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