Heiser Chevrolet June Employee Spotlight: Kristina Beck

Finance Manager: Kristina Beck
+Heiser Chevrolet is excited to heat things up with our new monthly employee spotlight!  Our dealership team truly believes “Anything’s Possible” and hopes our customers feel the same.  One key employee, Finance Manager, Kristina Beck, embodies this attitude each and every day.  We’d like to introduce you to her.

In a cars.com review, one of Kristine’s customers raved:

“I needed a gas saver and came across a very affordable 2011 Chevy Cruze online. I went in the next day and I knew it was what I wanted. When I went back a week later, I ended up driving it home that night! Kristina Beck was extremely helpful and explained everything perfectly. She is one of the best finance people I have ever worked with and made buying my car FUN!  I will only go to Heiser Chevrolet from now on!”

Kristina’s success is drawn from her caring nature.  It makes her feel great when she can help people.  Regardless of their situation, Kristina’s goal is to get her customers financing that fits their budget. Clients and coworkers often comment on the detailed attention she delivers.  She treats everyone with the utmost respect, providing information quickly, which is what they appreciate,” says General Manager, Brian Crandall. 

Enjoying a great classic Chevrolet!
It’s obvious that Kristina is tuned into the needs of her customers.  She’s found, that when seeking financing, customers will tell you exactly what they want.  So, she listens!  Each situation is unique and offers an opportunity for her to shine.  Knowing this, she’s become one of our star employees. Kristina lives by the adage:  Treat People as You’d Like to be Treated”—and her smile goes a long way.

Kristina’s native home is Kassel, Germany! Her mother is from Europe, while her father is from Pennsylvania. They met when he was serving in the US Army.  Kristina embraces her strong German heritage; in fact, her middle name is from her maternal grandmother, “Meta”. 

Kristina has an active life outside of Heiser Chevrolet. She loves cars, and is frequently found enjoying car shows or at Rockabilly festivals.  Kristina likes to collect and wear vintage dresses and Lucite purses.  She’s a colorful and lively personality who takes in an occasional hockey game too.

To find out more about Kristina, please email her at kbeck@heiser.com.


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