Heiser Toyota's March Spotlight: Happy Sales Consultants Make for Happy Customers

James Hicks joined Heiser Toyota as a Sales Consultant in 2004.  He’s known for his ever-present smile.  But what his fellow colleagues notice most, is its electric way of spreading to his customers.  James always seems to have the happiest customers. James sure goes out of his way to make you feel like he really wants your business. He’s friendly and works his hardest to get you the best deal possible.”

Growing up, James had a passion for music. In fact, he was once a member of the opening act for The Four Tops and The Temptations.  Heiser Toyota would like to recognize him for “The Way You Do the Things You Do”, but James would most likely respond “I Can’t Help Myself”.

Outside of the dealership showroom, James is an all-around family man, the proud father of five children. Church and a faith-filled life are important to him. James is an elder in his Church, and works everyday to provide an example for others to respect and follow.

We invite you to email our Sales Consultant of the month at jhicks@heiser.com.



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