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Teens & Summer Driving

As the school year ends, young people across Wisconsin are looking forward to the summer.   But as teens prepare for vacations and road trips, it's important to keep safety in mind. PICK THE RIGHT CAR: Picking the right car is the first step to ensuring a teens safety on the road. It is important to remember that SUVs and trucks react differently than a sedan or coupe in Wisconsin’s inconsistent weather. Consider the teens comfort before putting them in a truck or SUV. A teen driver may lack the skills to cope with evasive maneuvers in a big truck. Safer vehicles are ones that sit close to the ground, to minimize the roll over risk, and something that isn’t overly powerful. EDUCATE TEENS ON CAR MAINTENANCE: Educating teens on car maintenance will help them establish good habits for later in life as well as make sure they know the warning signs if something goes wrong with the vehicle. Make sure to talk to them about the importance of checking the tire pressures and f