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Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

You've got your SPF 30 suntan lotion, a giant cooler filled with your favorite snacks, Kindle, and your iPod -- you're ready for a summer road trip. You may be prepared, but has your car had its summer automotive maintenance just yet?  As Wisconsin’s summer quickly approaches, it is important to remember some simple automotive maintenance procedures to ensure you are ready for the road. GET A RADIATOR FLUSH: The coolant in your radiator doesn't last forever. Over time, the antifreeze in your vehicle may become acidic and lose its ability to help protect the engine from extreme temperatures. Occasionally flushing the radiator will help keep it clean and prevent buildup of dirt and sediment. Fresh antifreeze will also help protect your car engine from extreme cold or hot temperatures. There are several different factors that are to be considered before you decide the frequency at which you are going to flush the coolant. Some noticeable ones are as follows: size of the eng