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Heiser is giving you the best of all worlds

Heiser Automotive Group  is dedicated to helping you save money though great advice, service specials, Recreditpair, and as always giving you the best deals via As gas prices rise, there are many things you can do to improve your “Miles Per Gallon,” and in turn save you money! Check out our Facebook friend “Stubby Heiser”  or follow us on Twitter via @HeiserAuto for 31 great gas saving tips such as: “Fill Up in the Morning. Buy your gas in the morning when the gas station's ground fuel tank is cooler. Because gas is denser when cooler, you will get more gas per dollar.” In addition, Heiser is currently offering superb spring service specials. Proving “Anything’s Possible,” Heiser is now offering great specials such as the “Spring Thing” , “Brake Pads for Life,” and the “Cost Plus Tire Program.” The Spring Thing is a great service that gets your vehicle checked out and ready for your spring and summer trips. “Brake Pads for Life” and the “Cost Plus Tire Programs”