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Heiser Automotive Group Is Saving You Money

This month is the month of saving for Heiser Automotive Group . Heiser is giving clients peace of mind with excellent saving and even more giveaways. Heiser is giving back to it’s customers with their exclusive “Take us for a Spin” event. Here at Heiser we want to save you money. As part of the event we are giving away 1 free iPad a week. Valued at $500 per iPad Heiser will be giving one per week. To register for this offer and learn more, click here . In addition, Heiser is giving back to all of its clients with the continuation of the ReCreditPair Program that is exclusively offered at all five Heiser locations. If you have poor credit and want good credit, or if you have good credit and want great credit, ReCreditPair is for you. ReCreditPair is a nationally acclaimed, DO-IT-YOURSELF educational software product that teaches people how to improve and maintain good credit. This great tool has been licensed by Heiser Automotive Group and is a gift to any Heiser customer to help