Helpful holiday tips and exciting news from Heiser Toyota

With the holidays coming up, many people will be taking to the roads to celebrate with relatives, some in Wisconsin and some across the country. It is important to make sure your vehicle is ready for those trips. Here are some tips for making sure your vehicle is ready for your holiday travel plans:
·         Check your tire pressure. If all your tires are about the same PSI (pounds per square inch) and they're low, fill them up with air at your local Heiser Dealership. Under-inflated tires not only decrease fuel economy, but also are more likely to have blowouts.

·         Check your tire tread depth. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, your tread depth is dangerous if lower than 2/32 of an inch.

·         Have your battery checked. Don't rely on how your car sounds or feels when it starts up. Take it to your local Heiser dealership and have the battery tested.

·         Make sure all of your fluids are full, including wiper fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid and coolant fluid.

·         Make sure your headlights, tail lights, brake lights and windshield wipers are all operable. Make sure your regularly scheduled maintenance check and oil change is up to date, or will still be on schedule even after you put that extra mileage on your car over the holidays.

Our Heiser team will be happy to assist you in getting these items ready to go. Visit us at to schedule your appointment.

Toyota Motor Company also has a lot to celebrate this holiday season.

The Prius Goes Plural & Gives Back:
As the Prius goes plural they are giving back to the community via Toys for Tots. Fans of the Prius can help deliver more toys to children across the country by visiting their Facebook page. Facebook Fans, once they like the Prius page can begin giving. Each person can pick a virtual Toy to donate to fill the Prius V. For every virtual toy placed in the Prius V trunk, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., will donate $5 to Toys for Tots up to a maximum of $100,000. Each Facebook fan can donate a virtual toy once a day.

Prius family receives rewards:
Toyota Motor Company has a lot to celebrate via  naming the  2012 Toyota Prius family of vehicles as its “Best Green Car to Buy 2012.” Beginning with the 2012 model year, the Prius will expand to a family of four vehicles, including the third-generation Prius Lift back, the Prius v, the Prius Plug-in Hybrid, and the Prius c.

GreenCarReports editors choose the most significant new “green” car available to shoppers during the 2012 model year, taking into account new technologies, their practicality, and their impact on the environment. The GreenCarReports’ “Best Green Car to Buy” award recognizes mass-market, environmentally sensitive vehicles that are available below $60,000. Utilizing the TheCarConnection’s ratings as a starting point for their evaluation, the GreenCarReports editorial team applies their criteria to select the winner that will carry the “Best Green Car to Buy 2012” environmental message.

“The Prius is more than just one car this year,” said Green Car Reports Editor John Voelcker. “With a new Prius v and the Prius Plug-In Hybrid, it’s now a family of vehicles with some of the highest gas mileage on the market today, and the Prius name is likely to help encourage buyers to take the plunge into plug-in vehicles."

The Prius vehicles that won the GreenCarReports’ “Best Green Car to Buy 2012” award were chosen from a competitive field of environmentally sensitive cars that also included the Fiat 500, Honda Civic Hybrid, Infiniti M35h, Mitsubishi i, and Volkswagen Passat TDi.

Great things are happening this holiday season. From all of us at Heiser Automotive Group we wish you and your families a happy and safe holiday.

Take care,
Mary Ann


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