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Heiser Automotive Group's History

Heiser Automotive Group is one of Wisconsin’s longest and most successful established automobile dealership groups. They have new vehicle franchises for Ford, Lincoln Mercury, Toyota, Scion, Chevrolet, and Cadillac. The Heiser organization was co-founded in 1918 by Walter Heiser. The original dwelling, located on 7th and Wisconsin Avenues, sold Model T Fords for $345. People traded in their carriages, wagons, even horses towards the purchase of their first car. Heiser earned a reputation of integrity during the post-war vehicle shortage. Heiser maintained a strict “first come, first served” delivery list, which was not easy to adhere to. When mass production resumed and vehicles were plentiful, customers remained loyal. Also, during the three years before World War I, Heiser was responsible for one quarter of Milwaukee Ford Sales. Here is a brief time line of Heiser’s history: Pre-1917: Walter M. Heiser was employed by Ford Motor Company at the factory showroom located on the corn