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In the begining...

Welcome to the Heiser Automotive Group and my official blog. My name is Mary Ann Scaffidi , and I am very excited to have the opportunity to write to our automotive fans throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Here at Heiser Automotive Group as well as the automotive industry, a lot of new and exciting things are occurring. Through this blog I would like to discuss these current events. Also, I invite you to post replies to what I write on my blog as well as any questions you have about the automotive industry. This blog is for you, so please join in the conversation. What a great holiday weekend it was! Memorial Day weekends in Wisconsin cannot get much better than this last one. It was a great time to take a cruise in the car with the windows down and spend time with family. I enjoyed doing both. Another great past time that occurred this weekend was going to the Brewers' game. I know on Sunday our Business Development Center here at Heiser Automotive Group went together for an