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How do recalls work?

Hello friends, The automotive industry has been very busy as of late and many recalls were released recently, most famously of course the large Toyota recall. Some of you may be wondering what exactly is a recall? How do recalls work/happen? Who pays for recalls? Where can I find information on recalls? I tried to outline those questions in the following. What is a recall? In terms of the automotive industry, recalls occur when a motor vehicle experiences a safety-related defect or does not comply with federal motor vehicle safety standards. (This information was gathered from ). How do recalls work/happen? A recall occurs when a vehicle has been made with a defect and it is discovered. When complaints are received by you the consumer, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA] begins an investigation on the issue with that specific year/make/ model of a vehicle. Investigators perform a detailed technical analysis of the issue using all availab

What is SYNC?

An introduction to the Ford SYNC system done by guest host David Vajgrt of Heiser Ford Lincoln Mercury. A 2010 Heiser Automotive Group production. Check it out...

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Our Heiser Automotive Group Preps Plus Winners

One of the things I enjoy about being a part of Heiser Automotive Group is that I get to meet many wonderful people in the community. Recently I had the opportunity to award the Heiser Preps Plus scholarship to Emily Peterson of Nathan Hale High School, and Kyle Manske of Wauwatosa East High School. These two young adults have many accomplishments and I am honored to have had the opportunity to have met them and to have Heiser help them further their educations.   These two winners were selected based on the following selection criteria: Demonstrates involvement in school and/or community activities. Demonstrates academic success. Demonstrates a unique need or special situation. We are proud of both Emily and Kyle's accomplishments and involvement in both school activities and in the community. We are excited to see them further their education, and wish them great success in their future endeavors. Congratulations Emily & Kyle!

So Chrysler now has a sticky pedal recall?

So Chrysler now has a sticky pedal recall? According to USA Today's website, “Chrysler is recalling nearly 35,000 2007 Dodge Calibers and Jeep Compass SUVs worldwide to fix potentially sticky pedals.” In fact this is the same issue that prompted the recall on more than 2 million Toyota vehicles this year. These vehicles use the same pedal assembly from the same Indiana supplier, CTS Automotive. In other automotive news, I recently read about a new vehicle that some students from the University of South Australia built. This vehicle is called the “Trev.” It can do 0-60 in 10 seconds and has a top speed of 75mph. This vehicle is a sight to see. I highly recommend taking a look. It is not a very stylish looking vehicle, but its design is for a good purpose. It is a two-seat renewable energy vehicle. It is a smaller vehicle that can haul 2 duffel bags too. According to the article, the car will operate for just $0.0146 cents US per mile and because it uses 1/5 the energy consumed b

In the begining...

Welcome to the Heiser Automotive Group and my official blog. My name is Mary Ann Scaffidi , and I am very excited to have the opportunity to write to our automotive fans throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Here at Heiser Automotive Group as well as the automotive industry, a lot of new and exciting things are occurring. Through this blog I would like to discuss these current events. Also, I invite you to post replies to what I write on my blog as well as any questions you have about the automotive industry. This blog is for you, so please join in the conversation. What a great holiday weekend it was! Memorial Day weekends in Wisconsin cannot get much better than this last one. It was a great time to take a cruise in the car with the windows down and spend time with family. I enjoyed doing both. Another great past time that occurred this weekend was going to the Brewers' game. I know on Sunday our Business Development Center here at Heiser Automotive Group went together for an